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The government had their say, now it is the turn of society

Власть свое слово сказала, теперь очередь общества

The results of the vote are declared, they are completely predictable and completely useless. The government had their say, now it is the turn of companies.

In the coming days we will better understand the real scale of fraud, coercion of voters and other manipulations. But we can already say that it was the dirtiest of vote for post-Soviet history of the country, and by a wide margin. Exclusion from most observers, shameless and blatant propaganda “for” all state agencies, including the CEC, under a total news blackout in all materials the most important amendments, week games with ballots of early voters, “polls” in the trunks and gateways, Internet voting with the “Chechen” appearance (who was checking people in on anything on the Internet, understand the impossibility of such numbers), employers, driving their employees to the sites, and the electoral Commission to help them in tracking down naughty, etc. etc. — this happened in front of the whole country.

No matter what the numbers nor was pronounced, pattern of national unity around the amendment — and that this was his task, otherwise we could do without a vote — will not succeed. In the Foundation postnational system when the tab was cracked. If not now, then later it will make itself felt.

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