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The gas station has again fallen off the price of the petrol

АЗС снова обвалили цены на автогазAverage cost of liquefied natural gas through Ukraine decreased to the level of 14,17 UAH/liter.

The price of liquefied petroleum gas in the period from 21 to 22 September decreased by 10-80 kopecks./l.

It is reported by the consulting company UPECO, referring to the daily price monitoring of the petroleum market.

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The gas station chains OKKO and WOG the cost of LPG fell by 20 kopecks./l to 14,19 UAH/l. And on KLO gas stations liquefied petroleum gas fell by 10 kopecks./l to 13, 69 UAH/l, in the network UPG 30 kopecks./l to 13.50 UAH/liter.

In addition, the networking Poltava operators Hope and Autotrans autogas cheaper by 30-40 kopecks./l to 13.94-13,98 UAH/liter.

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We would add that Ukrgazdobycha, Marshall and the Family-Nick lowered the price to marks: of 13.59 UAH/l UAH 13,90/l and 14.15 UAH/liter, respectively.

Thus, the average cost of liquefied gas at retail has fallen 14,17 UAH/liter.

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