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The garden reacted sharply to the accusations Poroshenko

Садовый резко отреагировал на обвинения ПорошенкоPreviously Poroshenko said that the MPs “Self-help” because of the blockade of wanted to distract people from the problems of landfills in Lviv.

City Chairman of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, of the party of which the President was throwing out the charges for the loss of funds from the initiation of the blockade of trade with the occupied Donbass, expressed his opinion about this situation.

So, to the question of whether the decline in “Self help” problems after the decision of the NSDC, Garden in interview “to Mirror of week” said that the problem will be rather more.

“I think they will be more, because those people who are in power today, are afraid to admit their mistakes. The decision of the national security Council, had to take a long time. Well that could at least now, although not sure that it will be unconditionally executed”, — told Garden. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The head of Lviv also commented on the criticism of Poroshenko at the NSDC meeting in the direction of “Self-help”. Then the President said, “Is it possible in that way to divert attention from the failures of their leader, who was literally covered with garbage most beautiful European city of Ukraine?”

“Blockade — the initiative of Ukrainian citizens, who took a principled stand. Among these citizens, of course, there are the representatives of the party “Samopomich”. We lately too much credit. We perceive this. These are the realities of our lives, unfortunately,” said Garden.

The politician also answered the President’s words that “our blockade will cost Ukraine a lot of money, obviously. Which will show the calculation. And these accounts, we will exhibit not only the self-proclaimed “Republicans” and “Self-help”, “Fatherland” and other instigators and promoters of the blockade.” So, the Garden asked what it meant to Poroshenko calculations, necessary to pay.

“It’s probably about money, which the Ukrainian huckster earned on the trade with Zakharchenko. Someone probably needs to compensate for these losses. You have to ask the President about the technology, how is he going to return the money. But I think he is excited because during the siege they lost a lot,” — said the head of Lviv.

The garden did not rule out the fact that “Self” can obtain the financial account for the payment of damages caused by the blockade.

“I think so. By the way, someone has already submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to reduce funding for parties. Can you? Just kidding, of course. But I’m sad things to hear. Because if anyone has such a wise idea, it is not necessary to publish them. Because it demeans the leadership of our state,” said Garden.

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