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The full trailer for the second season of “Wolf pit”

Network popular stories in the spirit of “How to survive in Australia” after reading that to go in this country no longer want. Among the advice to tourists is isolated, for example, the need to check shoes before you push there legs (because of a night in the shoes could climb poisonous spider or snake), stay away from bodies of water (because crocodiles are not asleep), and in the tall grass to come in thick boots.

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But Australia is not only a variety of creatures that could kill. There are serial killers. For example, a longtime antagonist of the series “pitfall” Mick Taylor performed by John Garret.

Rednek-maniac, preying on tourists in the Australian wilderness, returns in the second season of the show. We have already seen a couple of teasers (tyts and tyts), and now came full-fledged trailer. We got a poster.

In the second season the purpose of Mika becoming a bus with tourists. The number of victims dazzled, but our old friend enough juice at all. The hunt will soon begin.

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Premiere of the new season on the Australian service Stan is scheduled for 15 December 2017.

The trip of a lifetime becomes a battle to survive… The Stan Original series #WolfCreek – brand new season premieres December 15
— Stan. (@StanAustralia) 30 Oct 2017

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