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The former commander of the battalion Donbass told about the killer Boronenkov

Бывший командир батальона Донбасс рассказал об убийце ВороненковаThe ex-commander of the battalion Donbass said that the killer Boronenkov did not participate in the fighting.

The former commander of Donbas battalion of the national guard Anatoly Vinogrodsky, during the command which served as the killer of Denis Boronenkov Paul Parsow, said that during his service, he does not remember, but to flee.

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Vinogrodsky told on the phone that Parsow were mobilized in 2015, served as the training company of the battalion, located in melekyne near Mariupol and actually fought.

“When he came, the battalion was not involved in the fighting, only standing at checkpoints. But his company was training, they did not take part in such actions”, – says ex-commander.

According to him, Parsow fled, was wanted, and in 2016, dismissed for absence without leave.

Vinogrodsky accuses the personnel officers of the national guard that Parsow, who recently was wanted, was in the battalion. He explained that all recruits they received only via guards command and was not able to choose them.

“The people who needed the battalion, they were not issued for 8 months. And all sorts of “trash” was issued in a day or two,” said the former commander of Donbass.

He also expressed the opinion that in the case of the murder of Denis Boronenkov a lot of outstanding.

“A lot of questions about this friend. Starting with how he was killed, ending with the fact that he had all the documents with you. The output of this operation in red sneakers – too clear. No cars, nor any escape routes,” said Vinogrodsky.

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