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Top killer of young Americans revealed

Firearms are now the primary cause of death among those aged under 19 in America, according to a report published on Wednesday. Gun-related fatalities spiked by 29.5% among children and adolescents in the US between 2019 and 2020, the paper, published by the Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention (IFIP) at the University …

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Soros buys stake in ‘Tesla killer’ startup

Billionaire investor George Soros bought nearly 20 million shares of electric truck startup Rivian, according to securities filings released on Friday. The shares were worth roughly $2 billion at the time of purchase, making Soros Fund Management one of the firm’s largest investors. Rivian, which is 20% owned by e-commerce …

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Court rules on neo-Nazi killer Breivik’s parole bid

A Norwegian court has ruled that mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has not changed in the decade since he was first incarcerated for the worst peacetime atrocity in Norway’s modern history, denying his parole bid. “The accused appeared to be devoid of empathy and compassion for the victims of the …

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Russia could ban sentient killer robots

On Monday, TASS reported that Senator Andrey Kutepov, a legislator in the upper house of Russia’s parliament, had produced the draft law, which sets out legal principles governing robots and their interactions with people. “Right now, the Russian Federation has no specific legal regulations regarding the use of robot technology,” …

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Trump says he had ‘a great relationship’ with ‘killer’ Xi

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, Trump said that “once Covid came along, or the China virus as I call it,” his “great” relationship with Xi nosedived. Bartiromo, normally sympathetic in her coverage of the former president, interrupted Trump to claim that Xi “is a killer.” …

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