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The foreign Ministry gave an advice to Ukrainians who are planning a vacation abroad

В МИД дали советы украинцам, планирующим отпуск за границейApproaching “hot” season.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine made a number of recommendations to Ukrainians who plan travel abroad in connection with the approach of the holiday season. This is stated in the recommendations of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine in connection with possible force majeure in international airports.

In particular, in connection with the approaching season of holidays and vacations, an increasing number of citizens who will travel by air transport, and possible unforeseen circumstances in the international airports, which can lead to flight delays, the foreign Ministry once again urges the Ukrainian citizens planning to travel abroad, to take into account a number of recommendations.

Diplomats recommend Ukrainians to carefully plan their travel, given the circumstances, which can unpredictably occur; carefully choose the tour operator, to obtain from him full information about the actions in case of emergency, contact details of companies and individuals, which you can access at any time, in case of force majeure. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Also examine the contract on granting of tourist services; to take into account the security situation in the country, the situation at international airports, which will be implemented through the journey.

The foreign Ministry advised to register on the resource of the Department of consular service of “Voluntary registration of Ukrainian citizens for travel abroad(“FRIEND”), and to use the resources of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

In addition, Ukrainian diplomats are calling to remember about the cases of delays of flights in 2018 at the airports of Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Montenegro.

At the same time, if the international airport has developed contingencies, Ukrainians are advised to take a number of measures, including immediately establish and maintain communication with the tour operator, airline or their representatives in the host country, the relevant airport services to find out the cause of the delay (cancellation) of flight, the perspectives and solutions of a question, get information about the order of accommodation, medical and other necessary assistance; to inform about the current status of the situation of relatives or acquaintances in Ukraine; to urgently call the hotline of the Embassy or Consulate in the host country, or on the clock “hotline” MFA: +38 044 238 16 57 the e-mail address

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