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The first poster is the “castle Rock”

The series is based on the works of Stephen king, so it is logical that the first poster is reminiscent of the old tattered book. For example, I immediately remembered how I first picked up the novel King of Horror. A curious boy, I had no idea what awaits inside, and just looking at the fanciful cover with vampires. By the way, vampires in the book in the end was not. Well, you probably do remember these crazy covers of Stephen king from the ‘ 90s. In short, the poster from Hulu is causing a bit of a nostalgia.

Recall, the first season of “castle Rock” will tell about how

Baby Henry was involved in an accident, in which his father died, and the boy was the only suspect in the death of a parent. But Henry didn’t remember anything about the incident and was forced to flee the city, when the locals began to blame him for. He is now a lawyer working with sentenced to death, and he is forced to return home at the request of a mysterious prisoner from the prison Shawshank. Sentenced want to talk with Henry and with him, while Henry himself had not heard, and the prisoner himself, who was nicknamed “the Kid” held in solitary confinement for so long that was crazy.

Ensemble cast made up of Andre Holland (“American horror story”), bill Skarsgard (“It”), Terry O ‘ Quinn (“lost”), sissy Spacek (“Carrie”), Scott Glenn (“Daredevil”), Jane levy (“evil dead: Black book”), Melanie lynskey (“In this world I no longer feel at home”), Chosen Jacobs (“It”), Rory Culkin (“Scream 4”) and Noel Fisher (“Shameless”).

The series premiere will be held on 25 July 2018.

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