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The feast during the plague

Пир во время чумы

History and Holonovel all experience in different ways. Someone is showing solidarity, someone is right next to, and someone shouts the loudest. Circle one only noise.

Beautiful promotion from three business publications RBC, “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti” — the editorial staff was able to negotiate and to show support for journalist Ivan Golunova, who was detained and is now under house arrest.

Beautiful cover in terms of meaning, you just look at how we are given to understand that chaos can happen to anyone. The publication, which has recently experienced a number of scandals with high-profile staff departures, restructure and change of editorial policy. Really really don’t remember who of them produced any high-profile investigations on corruption Ile theft in recent years.

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But today, everyone will see that they are beautiful and elegant – on the first page we are told: “We are for freedom, we are for the press”. Forget everything that happened before, no one in “Medusa” did not harsil.

Even Vladimir Soloviev came to “Wagon” to the whole situation be called a storm in a teacup. Although why then her him come in?

Various public figures and the majority of journalists have already expressed support Golunova. But there is no confidence in their words, too much tinsel. Alex though was silent, but for the effort of all thanked. Now he’s with the lads more work…

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In terms of the reaction of the public the situation with Holonovel reminds me of the recent case of blogger Eugene Bazhenov. The guy recorded a video about how to put pressure on him through the courts and after a moment all those whom he was not nice, shouting: “”Badcomedian” hold on”.

I just want to say that the more noise around the situation, the more people are parasites on the situation.

In fact all of the events for the article, which charged Golunova, house arrest is a significant mitigation. None of the defenders really don’t shout about it. Will continue inspection and investigation under the supervision of public opinion leaders.

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