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The Fate Of Sokolov

Судьба Соколова

Bloated, wiggling the piece of meat from some baselineskip Thriller, or straight from the Studio “Troma” — a sample of sexiness and intelligence is medium-expensive Russian. It turns out that it was in love with not one girl. It is not surprising. For the moral degradation of the country immediately follows the aesthetic. Most likely, the end it will come right in the course of the investigation, to not talked too much about the patrons and attributed to suicide.


A certain socialite was outraged, “how can you fall in love with Napoleon”, because it’s like that fall in love with Hitler.” Despite the fact that we are all aware that Napoleon was a progressist and civilizationist.


Napoleon is the idol of progressive youth of the times of Pushkin and Lermontov, though later turned into a comical figure through the efforts of first the Russian and later Soviet propaganda, was the outstanding personality. European progressives unifier of Europe, and Yes, a conqueror of peoples and lands.


Of course, in today’s concept of international law it would look crazy, but then, not afraid of the word was apparently normal. In those days everybody fought with everybody and because figure like Napoleon, big idea, was a peacemaker. Real, not declarative.


Passion and morale do not correlate with each other. Hitler was in love with crowds of German women. I in turn question — how can I fall in love with someone hierarchically, historically, personal much cooler than you? After all, this is a blow to the ego, and from him and masochism hand.



It seems to me that the root of the problem is that our Russian (“while”) women’s catastrophically low self-esteem, and hence, as a consequence, everything comes. How young, beautiful and educated young lady was next to that dick? Agree, this absurdity is only possible here.




As you know, state we have, but there is a mode. With the living and non-living security facilities. Thus, everything that happens becomes part of a setting reminiscent of the game. That is, it is not necessary that any services or bodies functioned according to the Central instructions. They function thanks to the deeply fortified in them authoritarian-bureaucratic inertia. It is important to understand that people, especially the mentally unstable act similarly.



About Sokolov, all was known in advance, many years before yesterday’s tragedy. But people waved — “crazy City”, they said.


text Alina Vitukhnovskiy


comments doctor of psychology Valery Rozanov

Readers of this text in the blog Alina Vitukhnovskiy, left a very interesting post


On the eyes due to certain events there are two new offensive (abusive) names:

1.”re-enactor” (a mentally unbalanced person, prone to killings, mutilations and cannibalism, a dangerous schizophrenic, imagining himself as an actor of non-existent theatre and the king of the world) and

2. “St. Petersburg state University Professor” (an arrogant snob, not realizing the absurdity of their behavior and the ridiculousness of ambition, the hero of “dinner with an idiot”, the embodiment of the archetype of voluptuous maleevskoe scientist pervert from the story of “Oh, cock”

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