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The energy of the Sun for gadgets

Энергия Солнца для гаджетовIn the energy sphere is becoming increasingly urgent topic of alternative sources. This trend has been the production of communication and electronic gadgets. Leading companies were among the first to master the use of the most reliable energy source ― the Sun.

Right after the producers selected a trading company in Ukraine has joined this promising area of engineering. The company Vseplus was the first among them.

Among the company sold accessories to smartphones, tablets, phones and other gadgets were portable battery for solar energy. If you’re interested, you can see the model number in the company directory

Convenience of portability

People have become accustomed to the possibility to be always and everywhere, to have information about all important events and, if necessary, to perform work in the online mode, staying somewhere surrounded by nature.

Help this handy portable battery that work “from the sun”.

Portable battery as a backup source of electricity, can be useful to anyone who is not attached to the house, but prefer to travel. But for different needs fit different batteries. Consequently it is important before deciding to explore the contents of the descriptions of the models, and if you have additional questions consult a specialist company.

It should be noted that the most important criterion in the selection of the cumulative energy of the device is its energy consumption. It is from this characteristic depends how often you:

— to charge the battery from the device;
— multiple power regularly used device.

But in the first and in the second case, preference is recommended to give the reputable brands that are time tested.

What are portable battery

Indicator of battery capacity is measured in milliampere-hours and from 2000 to 25000 mAh for conventional portable models. In powerful products — 15000-20000 units. Since transmission of electricity is accompanied by the inevitable losses in the range of 2030%, and the battery has the function of self-discharge, to full charge capacity of the portable charger must exceed the full energy capacity of the battery on the gadget.
Also important is to match the amperage of the two devices.

All subtleties and nuances of use of portable batteries you will know before buying from specialists Vseplus.

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