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The elephants went on the stupid step for a spectacular selfie

Жительница Британии пошла на глупый шаг ради эффектного селфиThe girl fell into the pool because of the thirst to take a picture.

A resident of London Louise Stokes (Louise Stokes) has published on its YouTube channel a video in which the girl in the attempt assumed a funny expression on camera falls into the fountain.

In his blog, Stokes said that the footage was taken from a family reunion in a castle in France in honor of Easter in March 2016. A fragment with a funny moment she decided to publish just now.

After several plans with spectacular views in the frame appeared a guest. She stuck out her tongue and began to move, didn’t notice the fountain behind and fell into it.

What are photographers for a spectacular picture. PhotoDeluxe quickly climbed out of the water, but then fell to the lawn. After several attempts to rise, she decided to just lie on the ground and spread my arms and legs. A little rested, she gathered strength, got up and spread his hands in a victorious gesture.

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