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Scientists have made an unexpected statement about elephants

Scientists have found that elephants like “ears”. Elephants males like “ears” – the observation of their behavior showed that they prefer to choose females, whose “buzz” they were not familiar, scientists say. “Our study showed that males can get information about social information from those sounds, which the females use to …

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Scientists made a sensational statement about elephants

Intellectual abilities of elephants has surprised scientists.Elephants have passed a test of intelligence and has puzzled scientists: the results may fundamentally change our understanding of these animals. Giant creatures demonstrate the level of self-knowledge, which “is quite rare in the animal world”, argue experts from the University of Cambridge. Elephants …

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Elephants pour water on passers-by laugh Network

The huge animal was prepared in the Buddhist New year. It will be celebrated in a few days and the streets of all the cities will be filled with dancing and singing. In the ancient Thai capital of elephants allowed to have a funny holiday pranks. Painted solemnly, they poured …

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