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“The electric dreams of Philip K. dick’s”: the first trailer of the series!

In the Network appeared the first trailer of the series-anthologies, which is based on the creative legacy of the cult science fiction writer Philip K. dick. 10 episodes, 10 are not related to each other stories, 10 songs, which you can read. It’s all about “the Electric dreams of Philip K. dick’s” (Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams).

About the series we wrote, remembered dick’s other movies, among which is full of hits (“total Recall”, “Screamers”, “blade Runner”), even about castes, something told. It’s time to throw the first look at what is there in these electric dreams is happening.

And you know what? The trailer is beautiful. The picture, the cast chosen for teleadapt stories… it’s cool. What to say, see for yourself. By the way, video is Bryan Cranston, Executive producer of the project, which, of course, could not be observed and as an actor.

The series, production of which meets Sony Pictures Television, will begin to show already this year. In the USA, channel Amazon Primein the UK on Channel 4, in Australia on channel Stan. Perhaps, it can not miss.

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