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The domestic trailer for horror film “Envelope”

Recently, we reported that a month before the premiere of the “Envelope” suddenly changed the Director. Now this is not a film Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo: in the Director’s chair was moved to Vladimir Markov, engaged in the editing of the film. Anyway, whose name was listed in the credits, the project is very interesting.


Moscow. These days. The architectural company for the error finds a strange letter. The Secretary, seeing the misunderstanding, the driver asks Igor to deliver the envelope. From this point on in his life begin to happen strange things: the ill-fated envelope as if pursues the hero, deliberately leading him to the mysterious destination.

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About the film and writing some Western resources, where it is known under the name “Envelope”. This is not surprising, to our horror in the forum is also paying attention. More astonishing is that in the depths of the English YouTube emerged a full-fledged trailer of “Envelope”, whereas we have almost everywhere seen walking back in the spring teaser is atmospheric but virtually wordless. The trailer is in this respect gives a more serious take on the film.

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I must say, while the movie looks very good. Mrachnenko and intriguing. And given the fact that in Russia the horror off not so often, skip the novelty does not. Especially from the team’s hit “Bride”.

Premiere of “Envelope” is scheduled for November 30, 2017.

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