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The dog won Twitter, preventing a clash of cats

Собака покорила Twitter, предотвратив стычку котов  You have never seen.

The network is gaining popularity video, in which a dog saved the cat from certain fights. Posted by Twitter user under the nickname @m_yosry2012.

The footage shows how a cat in a collar with a leash crawling on the street to another cat, who sat on the dais and waited for the guest. Judging by the behavior of animals, there is a fight, but the fight prevented a run up the Golden Retriever: he grabbed the leash with his teeth first cat and by force dragged it in the other direction.

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“Good boy, gave the fight to begin,” wrote @m_yosry2012 in the description of the video. His post a few days has collected more than 115 thousand posts and almost 300 thousand likes.

Netizens praised the dog for his peacekeeping efforts. “He will never abandon a friend in trouble,” wrote one of the spectators. Others remembered a scene from the comic series “Brooklyn 9-9”, where one of the characters also had to pull a girl who wanted to fight.

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