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The Dnieper river: the body of a man with a knife in the heart

Днепр: обнаружено тело мужчины с ножом в сердцеPolice sort out what happened.

It all started with a quarrel that is raging in the market between the two men – 40-and 33-years. In the heat of rage one of them pulled out of the burning clothes a knife and stabbed him in the chest opponent. Soon after he died. The offender had to retire.

As told the in a press-service GU of the National police of Ukraine in the Dnepropetrovsk area, the attacker never worked and lived off of his wife, even beat a woman. She had enough, and she decided to leave her husband. Met a young man, and they began to live together.

Abandoned man addicted to drugs and was constantly trying to “deal” with a new boyfriend of his ex-wife. In the past year, even tried to burn his opponent flat.

The day of the murder on the lovers ‘ holiday, he also decided to “talk like a man” with his rival. On “the conversation” was armed with a kitchen knife. With him and came to the market, where last worked, as well as his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

As usual, he approached the opponent and started to sort things out, and then grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the chest.

After the murder, he sold his apartment and was planning to flee to Russia, where his father. But he was detained.

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