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The Director of “strange matters” will discover “Intelligent life”

In August we wrote about the fact that Rebecca Thomas will work with James WAN on the Thriller “Malignant”, and now there is information about another project which is also now linked to 32-year-old American.

The creators of “Jurassic World” Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly wrote the script sci-Fi movie “Intelligent life” (Intelligent Life) and now I want to directed by it Rebecca Thomas.

Plot the plot of the picture yet formulated very simply:

Employee of the Department, the United Nations monitoring outer space accidentally comes into contact with a beautiful woman who may be an alien.

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What would it be? Light fantasy, family, romantic Comedy, sci-Fi Thriller or even horror? It seems, from such a synopsis can be done anything. Among the genres mentioned only fantasy and Comedy, but let’s wait for the details, because Thomas will have to process the original script.

In General, Rebecca is now in good standing with the Hollywood bosses, despite the relatively small experience in directing: over the shoulders of her indie drama “electrick children” (Electrick Children) on his own script, and the series “Very strange case”.

In his first film, Rebecca is beautifully conveyed the alienation that we sometimes feel among close friends. We can’t wait for her to develop these ideas in the history, dedicated to our place in the universe.

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So reads the official statement from screenwriter Colin Trevorrow and producer Frank Marshall. Well, if we will attempt outside the box to look at the problem of contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life, then go ahead. It really can be fun.

The start date of filming and the release is not yet known.

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