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The details of the plot of the new film from the universe “Cloverfield.”

Oh, what will not refuse the producer and Director J. J. Abrams is the ability to work with fantomom. Whatever the project, then a new universe and a bunch of references to some most rare concepts and details leading geeks in the puppy dog enthusiasm. Here is a small, but promising the universe “Cloververse” described in the films “monster” (Cloverfield) and “Cloverfield, 10” (10 Cloverfield Lane), gradually grows new speculation and rumors, fueling interest in the upcoming third part. However, it is not so simple in politics, Abrams. Last fall, the “Zone of horror” already wrote about “accidentally leaking” of information, according to which the third Cloverfield likely to become the project under the working title “the God Particle” (God Particle). Since then, the news was not so much – except that only moved the release date from February to October 2017.

Well, time for a fresh stuffing!

Not so long ago on the page “Cloververse” in the depths of the portal has a screenshot or piece of synopsis, or logline with the details of the new film, where you can find many new and interesting.

In fact, read and podcacher:

The God Particle
The third science fiction film from the universe “Cloverfield”. Once erupted the incredible scale and destruction of world war between the US and Evrosousom fuelled by alien invasion, a group of American astronauts sent to space station “Dandelion” with a special mission: to test a new particle accelerator, the Higgs, which could be the key to the survival of mankind. But when the crew, led by captain ava Hamilton includes the device, the Earth… disappears. Once the astronauts realize that the coordinates of the station has not changed, the crew consisting of engineer Evan (he’s the boyfriend of ava), the young Miike, a devout monk, shaggy technics Mandi and military Martinez and Cosby, fear that they are lost in space. People are preparing to spend his remaining days in the void, waiting for the refuse life support station.
Suddenly contact out the spacecraft of the European Union, bringing both hope and doubt. After negotiations, the crew of the sudden allows guests to step on Board the station that almost immediately turns into a tragedy – Evan becomes a victim of poisoning. The tension builds and the crew decides to enter into people from the European Union into custody. However, after suddenly dies Mandi, Ava understands that she needs as quickly as possible to out the real killer… and also find out who from the team she can trust, so between the crew begins the real war – against the Europeans and against each other. Europeans are determined to capture the particle accelerator Higgs and use it for their own purposes… on the Ground.

Mmm… tresource, though! And yet, let’s cross our fingers and hope that the “God Particle” does not hit the dirt face in a new way can open us to the universe “Cloverfield”… if she still has it something to do.

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