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The death toll from a fire in California has reached 21 people

Число погибших от пожара в Калифорнии достигло 21 человекMore than 20 people were killed by the storm of fire.

According to confirmed reports, at least 21 people died as a result of large-scale fires in the Northern part of the U.S. state of California.

“Deadly forest fires devastate Northern California, intensified on Wednesday after re-established windy weather knocked over a fire through dry hills and vineyards, causing more large-scale evacuation from the area of the fires, and the deaths of 21 people and destroying more than 3.5 thousand buildings “, – stated in the message.

Element moved in the night in populated areas in SONOMA County. In this regard, local authorities have announced another wave of forced evacuations. In some cases the authorities themselves went from house to house, knocking on doors and take people from their homes, the newspaper writes.

Now there are about twenty large-scale fires that are raging in the Northern part of the state. Destroyed nearly 7 thousand Hectares, which area is the American metropolis of Chicago. Some of the fires merged into a more large-scale fires, making it difficult to extinguish them.

At the same time, it reported losing contact with more than 560 residents whose whereabouts were unknown. It is unclear whether they are affected by the elements, or simply unable to get family and friends, as fires have caused the loss of communication in most areas of the region.

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