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The date of the start of accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Became known date of taking pre-orders for the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8. This time information doesn’t touch upon South Korea, and European countries, so it may well apply to Russia.

Reported to to order a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be immediately after the announcement, and he, recall, is scheduled for March 28. The cost of the smartphone starts from 800 euros, and the larger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus estimated to be at least 900 euros. Recall that the device will be equipped with Qualcomm processor 835, which in some regions will be replaced by a similar power chip from Samsung itself, but it is unclear what configuration will come in the Old world. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sale top Korean candybar will begin April 28, so that the taking pre-orders in Europe will last about a month. It is unknown, however, whether the granted discount, but all checkout will receive your phone no delays. And here let us remember with you Note 7, the first party which, however, the second was explosive. The hint that the S8 shes too hot, have already made the smartphone will get a desktop dock with an active, attention to cooling. So it makes sense to hold off on buying and wait for the first reviews of the owners, and then suddenly Samsung, despite a fundamentally new approach to quality control of their gadgets, and again allow a sad mistake.

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