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The court remanded the case to the investigator Mohnatkina

Суд вернул дело Мохнаткина следователю

Isakogorskomu district court of Arkhangelsk has suspended production of the fifth criminal case of the oppositionist Sergey Mokhnatkin. About the decision on Tuesday, according to a human rights activist, Bishop of the Apostolic Orthodox Church Gregory Mikhnov-of Witenko. In turn, the Arkhangelsk regional court then resolved to return the case to the investigator to protect Mokhnatkin could continue to read his materials.

The judge Isakogorskomu court Sergey Trenin has decided to suspend the proceedings in connection with serious illness Mokhnatkin. In turn, the regional court judge Eugene Holdorov granted the appeal of the lawyer Mokhnatkina L. Barker, reversing the decision of the Lomonosov district court of Arkhangelsk on the limitation Mohnatkina and his counsel time to familiarize with the case materials.

The investigator petitioned the Lomonosov district court about restriction of time of acquaintance. The defense has provided the court medical documents confirming that Mohnatkin cannot get acquainted with the case for health reasons.

As noted by OVD-info, return the criminal case to the investigator, if it has already been transferred to the court only if the court decides to return it to the Prosecutor.

Since the end of November Mohnatkin hospitalized Clinic ftisiopulmonology in First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov. In December he underwent two operations. On 23 December he was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward. 1 December it was reported that former political prisoners are concerned about the bedsore on his hip, he cannot lie on his left side and back.

On December 2 last year, 65-year-old Mokhnatkin would have been released from IR 21 strict regime in the village of X in the Plesetsk district of the Arkhangelsk region, fully serving his time at second, third and fourth cases. However, a few weeks before the Isakogorskomu Department of the TFR in the Arkhangelsk region opened against the prisoners new business. And fourth, it is qualified as regards 2 articles 321 of the criminal code (disorganization of the places of deprivation of freedom by the use or threat of violence to the fsinovets), provides up to five years in prison. According to the plot of this case, during treatment at the regional hospital for prisoners in Arkhangelsk Mohnatkin threatened two fsinovtsy, and the third struck his leg.

29 November 2018 Isakogorskomu district court of Arkhangelsk ruled to arrest Mokhnatkin on the new case, and he was sent to SIZO-4 in the regional center. However, on 14 December Mokhnatkin on the decision of the regional court released from jail.

At the time of treatment Mohnatkina a consequence of new business was suspended, however, in August 2019 the investigator of the TFR in the Arkhangelsk resumed its investigation and presented Mohnatkina new charges under articles 321 (disruption of the correctional facility) and 297 of the criminal code (contempt of court).

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