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The Cossacks have to give quotas of fish and the forest

Казакам надо отдать квоты на рыбу и лес

According to official information, the FAO, the proportion of illegal catch in the global catch is approximately 30 percent. Numbers Russian is quite difficult to miscalculate. We have not built the tracking mechanism no money, no fish stream. Experts sklonyaetsya to the figure of about $ 700 million.

No less damage is caused by illegal logging.

To remedy this situation provides the Council of Atamans of Russia.

You need to give the Cossacks of quotas on catching fish and cutting wood. In turn, the Cossacks will take the protection of water and forest borders of Russia.

The law on State service of Russian Cossacks, allows you to do this on the existing legal framework – says the Deputy of the Council of Atamans of Russia, General FSK Gennady Kovalev.

Thousands of Chinese and Korean ships with only one far East, every day rush in the sea waters of Russia, for smuggling gear, and their lack of poachers. Any kind of border and environmental services is unable without support preprograming population to contain this onslaught.

We are ready to form their border guards to help the border Guards. As development cooperation can begin with the Far East, where our chieftain Malanin aware of the entire operational environment.

We are ready to take on the protection of forests from logging.

The participation of the Cossacks in control of the allocation of quotas, not atleast despite the fact officials is a guarantee of impartiality and vaccination against corruption.

The USSR was caught in Russian waters not more than 50 percent of the fish. Everything else – it was open ocean and the exclusive economic zones of other countries. Not because we lacked resources in its own zone, but because we have tried to protect their resources. The industry, of course, are subsidized – with the price of fuel, which actually is the main element in the costs of fishing. Given that the industry is not subsidized. the involvement of Cossacks to the protection and allocation of quotas, it is necessary and even necessary measure, and we must understand that without the support of the Cossacks to do is basically impossible.

Ataman Cossack Nerestovogo Rosolska, General Malanin From the Altai mountains to the Pacific coast logging ravaged the vast Russian forests, leaving a band of wounded of the earth, covered only with dead stumps.

Many Russians it is obvious who is to blame: the Chinese and corrupt officials.

Twenty years ago, the China strictly limit commercial logging in natural forests, and every year increasingly turned to Russia.

The Cossacks realize that the forest is necessary for survival, the consequences of illegal deforestation in the far East, the Urals. Catastrophicly Siberia — Cossacks know that today, they steal wood, and tomorrow the future of our children.

In many cities there were protests. The Federation Council members sharply criticized the officials for what they turned a blind eye to the damage inflicted on the environment of Siberia and the Far East. Local residents and environmentalists are outraged that the felling contaminate the water and destroys the natural habitat of the endangered Siberian tiger and Amur leopard.

Only the transfer of polnochi Cossacks will help to stop this process.

Valery Rozanov Service Cossack Information CFA

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