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The Cossacks did not understand the humor of Ivan Urgant

Казаки не поняли юмора Ивана Урганта

TV presenter Ivan Urgant laughed at Cossack patrols, which has put a barrier coronavirus. Formerly the Ural ataman Gennady Kovalev said that the Cossacks will patrol the neighborhood Seven keys due to the outbreak of the disease.


“Doctors cannot cope, Cossacks on horseback approaching. Their Bacillus lacking upstairs, they’re sitting on the horse. Horse tail drives away the virus,” he joked leading the air show “Evening Urgant”. He added that the patrol will be handing out disposable masks wanting.


– No to support a good initiative, to support the Cossacks, so it behaves in the air as an “enemy of the people” and his jokes are not funny!- says a representative of the Council of Atamans of Russia, General FSK Gennady Kovalev.

Even pervoklasnik understands that the horse can’t ward off a tail or viruses, or germs. But if lard with garlic to eat and the virus is not terrible, better than any Arbidol.


Russia needs construction, the creation, and not destruction. Such as the stars can only destroy, and laugh at the great impulses of the soul. To be honest, I’m surprised by the loyalty of the authorities to such people.


We have already sent a letter to the Minister of Culture and Director of Television, to put him on view, stripped of the award and forced to apologize to the Cossacks.


Urgant also showed a picture of Ilya Repin “the Cossacks”, which depicts the Cossacks privatecommunity masks. The broadcaster added that the picture should be called “the Cossacks write permission to sell Chinese products to the Ekaterinburg market.”


Cossack Ataman of Russia Gennady Kovalev may be a bit harsh position nevertheless raised a very important question.


Today the problem of society is that as authorities and experts not present the scientists and teachers, and a different sort Licedei, singers, show – men and read people far from the creative professions. Today, all know who Ivan Urgant, but no one knows the names of the astronauts carrying the heroic watch.


Valery Rozanov Coordinator Of The National Service Cossack Information









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