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The Communist party ignored the virus and sent it to the government

Who would not say, but the only point of reference for all of us now is the government. Enter the emergency mode, and with it the quarantine shumoizolyatsiya like a Champ. Well, you have no other choice, it is de facto.

КПРФ наплевала на вирус и послала правительство

In fact, Russia has already prekrastny mode. No need to be a genius to figure out what, why and, most importantly, FOR WHOM authorities had decided. However, this did not prevent the representatives of the Communist party to take place on Saturday the international economic forum in Orel, did not prevent the organization of protests against the amendments to the Constitution in Khabarovsk. In total both events raised more than a thousand people.

Says the head of the party:
“With regards to the forum. This is not a mass event, but a normal working meeting for 300 people, which was carried out with all precautions.”

Dear Gennady Andreevich, the first and most important precaution in the context of what is happening is the transfer forum for a more favorable time. If you move “normal working meeting with three hundred people” the eagle seems to you something fantastic, then think about transferring SPIEF, which was to be held in St. Petersburg from June 3-6.

The protest in Khabarovsk explained the same way: everything within the law, people were highly protected from infection. At the same time, looking at the photos from the event, it becomes clear that the protesters had no antiviral attributes. In addition, the overwhelming number of participants – elderly people, those who are now at risk.

The actions of the Communist party, of course, criticized. One of the first who decided to speak on this subject, became the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky:
“In connection with violation of quarantine proposed to dismiss mayor of the city of Orel, which was allowed to hold similar events, and put the question to the Ministry of justice of Russia on the prohibition of the Communist party throughout the country.”

We must, they say, to punish those who ignore established in the first place, the international community, the rules to prevent the spread of infection.

I don’t think that the CPRF actually banned, however severe reprimand was inevitable. However, I want to once again appeal to the negligent officials: levity some of you may lead to irreversible consequences. Do not play with fire, remember how many people are now in the area of your responsibility.

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