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The colorful courtyards of Kiev. Photo

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. ФотоMany residents of the capital do not notice all this beauty.

I beg you: don’t run so fast on the streets! Explore the courtyards of the old Kiev blocks. And your life will reappear like magic. In Kiev, more and more popular excursions to little-known corners of the city. There are several options for such walks in different districts and with different guides. Each of them has his own story about his beloved Kiev.

Karlusha and Korbin

“Even the indigenous people of Kiev know little courtyards of the old quarters, says tour guide Elena armless. – Which is what hides the soul of the city. Why Kiev in the heart of each who visits, makes us miss him that attracts you like a magnet? What’s his magic?”

This question and tries to find an answer the author’s tour Pavel Shinkarenko, “Secrets of Kyiv courtyards”, leading us through the confusing maze of the city near the Golden gate. One of the first stops in the yard on the street Ryterski, 9b, where in enclosures for more than 30 years live mysterious crows Karlusha and Korbin, and on the wall of an old house you can admire a gorgeous mural in their honor.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

Black crows, in contrast to the grey crows, rare in the city. But fans of mystery they often have them as pet birds. Let’s have no illusions: these birds are freedom-loving and canny. By the way, the intelligence of ravens corresponds to the development of five children and, as noted, they prefer to communicate… with men.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

“Each ethnic group of ravens is given a place of honor, – says Elena armless, guide tours “Secrets of Kyiv courtyards”. – In the tower of London ravens kept – from the XVII century. It is believed that without them could crash as he tower and the British monarchy. Ravens are a symbol of wisdom, and they are not netarkivet trouble, and tell you how it will be.”

Lily of the valley and the home of Sikorsky

Walking down the street Streletsky, you will surely stop by the finest mural “Konvalija”. Australian artist Guido van Helton began to write it bottom – painting embroidery, lilies of the valley in the girls ‘ hands… But when it came to the person decided to write, as usual, the collective image of girls, which saw around. All the passing pedestrians for some reason decided that on the wall is the Lesya Ukrainka, who lived nearby. Called the mural. But the hand of the poet in all the photos has always been hidden – they have warped a disease. And facial features at the poet the other.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

Mural “Konvalija”

If you go in the arch of the house on Yaroslavov Val street 13/2B, opposite the hotel “Radisson”, you will see two houses – two destinies. One of them is the old mansion in which lived the famous Kiev doctor Theophilus Yanovsky (1860-1928). When the doctor died that night from all the Kiev flower beds were cut flowers: they had strewn the path of the funeral procession. People at the funeral there were a lot. When the coffin was brought to lukyanovskoe cemetery, the “tail” of the procession still stretched from the threshold of the house.

Now this mansion is located in splendid condition, which is not true of the next, dying home to the famous psychiatrist Ivan Sikorsky, where his childhood and youth was conducted by his son Igor Sikorsky became the world famous aircraft designer. Here, in the depths of the manor, he experienced his first model aircraft. Incidentally, American presidents still fly helicopters on Board which is written the name of the inventor of Ukraine.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

This mansion has long been demolished, if not for his status of a monument of history. When came to Kiev on Sikorsky’s son, Viktor Yushchenko personally guaranteed that the mansion would make the Museum of the history of Aeronautics and aviation. Family designer even gave money to this endeavor, but they disappeared…

In the arch of the house history buffs periodically pasting leaflets about the achievements of Sikorsky, but they are constantly disrupted.

House Rodzianko with witch head

On the street Yaroslaviv Val, 14-A and 14-B are former apartment houses Leonid Rodzianko, a successful Kyiv businessman and horse breeders. Today the rooms of the apartment Rodzianko is a chamber theater “Suzir’ya”, and its entrance is decorated with bas-relief head of a woman. This is one of the most famous witches of Kiev, which Leonid Rodzyanko is often asked for advice.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

Once this lady advised the owner to sell all his possessions and go to America. To the surprise of Leonid Rodzianko did so, having to leave the Russian Empire for several years before the revolution of 1917. There he invest his capital for several years and became an American millionaire.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

The remaining relatives that the entrepreneur was invited to go along to America with him, laughed at his eccentricity. And later when Soviet power was even afraid to give their names. By the way, one of the heiresses of the kind in 1990-e years, bought a little apartment in a former apartment house of Rodzianko, not even knowing that once upon a time there lived its relatives. And invited to look at housing your great-grandmother. She came to visit and said thoughtfully, “But in this room, we put a Christmas tree”.

Gorodetsky and the jungle

The author’s excursion Svetlana Buchko “Pechersk inside out” begins with the elite of the Passage (Khreshchatyk street, 15), which, in fact, is the street and the yard at the same time. This place on the map – a rich history. A real diamond street yard- a monument to the famous Kiev architect Vladislav Gorodetsky (1863-1930), who loved to drink coffee in the Mall.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

“Few tourists pay attention to the book “In the jungles of Africa”, lying on a bronze table, tells about the monument Svetlana Buchko. – To go on Safari in Africa and to write this book, the architect has mortgaged his House with chimeras, made him famous.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

The house with chimeras

Interestingly, Vladislav Gorodetsky’s visit to Kiev in 1890, the first built public toilets. Now the creative activity of Vladislav Gorodetsky compare with the legacy of Antoni Gaudi, then a beginner architect needed the order, which would open the door to expensive projects.”
A visit to the futurists

Going to the Theatre named Ivan Franko, you can look in a nondescript courtyard on the street, 11, where a hundred years ago, at a literary evening came the futurists with the beets and carrots in their buttonholes and go into the yard, where for many years was heard the steps of the famous actor Bohdan Stupka. He lived in an old house opposite the theatre on the third floor.

From caves patios have a point – silence: unlike Podolski yards here rarely noisy children and not playing dominoes elderly. To the casual passer-by here not used to the contact and to not go in a hurry… But, of course, at the cave dated and noisy oasis.

Once on the street Beringovskiy stood the building number 8 (now Zankovetska, 8), in all probability, became the prototype of Bulgakov’s “bad flat”. There was a music-hall “Appollo”, presented in the documents of the early twentieth century as a “variety of family type”, which is not often visited and Mikhail Bulgakov. Alas, this building, like many others, in September 1941 it was destroyed.

But on the street Lutheran, 8 in the courtyard of a preserved wing, which rented an apartment mysterious Maria Andreeva (1868-1953), an actress of the Moscow art Theater, common-law wife of Maxim Gorky and the woman Savva Morozov. This wing with columns is just as impressive biography of Maria Andreeva.

Самые колоритные дворики Киева. Фото

And in the house № 7 on street, in 1906, lived Anna Akhmatova, who found symbolic brooch-a lyre in the Royal garden… it Seems that the yard of her house since that time practically did not change. Only jeeps are at the main entrance and balconies lined with plastic.

And how many of Kyiv courtyards are kept interesting legends and real history! Seek and find their Kiev guides. Interest, go on trips, and Kiev will become clearer to you, dearer and closer.

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