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Than the colorful world, the harder Russia

A dream come true ideologues statehood: the multipolarity of the planet is escalating. Every success turns into a loss for our country. A year ago I wrote about what a multipolar world, contrary to the hopes of our foreign policy thinkers, from Primakov to Lavrov, Russia is unprofitable. In the …

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In Kiev, the artist finished drawing a colorful mural

The mural is dedicated to a popular problem. Striking street art has appeared on the building on St. trostyanetskaya, 6 G. a Photograph posted by the author of the mural, capital artist Vitaly Gedevan. On the wall of a building, the wizard pretending to be a girl with a phone …

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Indian Outback in the colorful photo project. Photo

Photo Indian photographer. Indian photographer Danish Siddiqui in a series of “Water-wives of India” reveals one of the peculiarities of life in the state of Maharashtra. Here some men are taking second or third wife only to those wore for the family suitable for drinking water from a well. Despite …

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Europe of the 1970s in colorful pictures. Photo

A favorite way of travelling youth. If you are tired of the same type of tours and beach holidays and you’re looking for inspiration for a unique and memorable holiday — take a look at this post about how people traveled in the 70-ies. A trip around Europe by train …

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Colorful frame: night Japan revealed from the ISS

Unique pictures made NASA astronaut Randy Breznik. The commander of the 53 crew of the International space station, NASA astronaut Randy Breznik on his Twitter page published the night of Japan from space. “Japan is a beautiful country and it becomes even more impressive at night,” he wrote in the …

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Colorful photos of the amazing autumn scenery. Photo

The summer is over, waved at us and went somewhere far warmer climes to sleep and prepare for the next year. It is replaced by a poetic and philosophical autumn, majestic and mysterious, with all its leisurely dressing procedures, changes of mood, the flowers bright leaves, cold and melancholy. It …

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