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The Church could give, not take

Церковь могла бы дарить, а не забирать

Unsolicited advice for the Yekaterinburg diocese.

You’re so Almighty. The mayor, the Governor, security officials, sponsors, fighters, the media — all in your hands.
So make a gift to the city. Come not where and well without you (in the Park), but where is bad, sad and degenerative.

Take the most neglected area of the city and gather all your resources for its regeneration. A visible symbol and slogan of the Renaissance make the Church of St. Catherine. And swipe there metro, Russell slums, build the clinic and a modern school.

When the international Olympic Committee chooses which country to give the Olympics, it requires to tell about the social consequences of a short holiday. That, in addition to stadiums, with him and after him will get not sportsmen, and local residents.

So the tip of the Church would have to think about what to give and what not to take. And his anti-constitutional lobbying superinfluence at least sometimes turn in favor of ordinary people.

Andrei Kuraev, religious and public figure

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