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The business runs from Russia and takes money from state-owned banks

Бизнес бежит из РФ и выводит деньги из госбанков

The Bank of Russia failed to stop the Exodus of corporate customers of the big troubled banks, three of which were nationalized and transferred to the improvement Fund consolidation.While the population continues to hold and even slowly replenish deposits in the “Discovery”, the Bank and Promsvyazbank, a large business closes the account and takes the money. Total of three banks for a month have lost 114 billion, and 37 billion left from the credit Bank of Moscow, follows from the statements of banks, published Tuesday on the website of the Central Bank.

The leader in the outflow was again FK “Opening” — the first client earned in June Fund redevelopments and once the largest private Bank of Russia: for the month he was flown to 95.8 billion rubles.

Although individuals took it to the Bank 6.2 billion rubles, increasing the amount of the deposits up to 391,7 billion, this was insufficient to compensate for the closure of accounts of enterprises and organizations, which are taken from the “Discoveries” 27% of all funds, or 100.4 billion rubles.


Compared with July, when the downgrade of ACRES and massive withdrawal of money by the government agencies sent “Open” in the peak, of corporate Bank accounts has decreased 3.3 times. In total (including natural persons) over this time from the Bank disappeared 783 billion, or half of all client money.

The Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev personally telephoned the major customers of “Opening” with a request either to return the money to the Bank, or withdraw them, told “Vedomosti” sources close to the Bank and the regulator. But the efforts did not produce any results.

To pay for the outflow had at the expense of the printing press of the Central Bank. The regulator credited the “Opening” on 715,7 billion (on 1 December), and 456 billion going directly to pour into its capital, redeeming the shares.

On December 1, the “hole” in the capital “Opening” (form 123) increased by 18% — up to 209.4 billion.

B & n in November, has lost 15% corporate deposits 17 billion rubles, and the inflow of deposits from individuals unable to compensate for even half of this amount (8 billion rubles).

In the two months that b & n spent in the reorganization of the Central Bank, he lost almost a third of all corporate funds, or 41.8 billion rubles. The hole in his capital on December 1 amounted to 36 billion rubles.

PSB is the latest victim of a cleanup of the banking sector, which owners Dmitry and Alexey Ananiev left Russia amid accusations of destruction of documents and the withdrawal of capital by using pension money in November lost 27.9 billion roubles of the money of enterprises and organizations, or 4.7%. First and foremost, the PSB taken out money from other banks, points out the analyst of “Expert RA” Stanislav Volkov: non-financial companies took less 13.4 billion (3.4 percent).

Indicators of the solvency of the Bank, meanwhile, continued to fall: in September of 25.8% of its liabilities were covered by liquid assets on December 1, only 20,6%, said Volkov.

Of credit Bank of Moscow in November, customers zarbali 37.8 billion rubles, according to “Expert RA”. Funds non-Bank commercial enterprises decreased by 5.3% to to 539.3 billion, and funds of state authorities at all levels by 20.1% to 38.1 billion.

The Russian banking system “feel stable”, and on the major indicators of sustainability “has reached the level of 2014”, said on October 27 at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

For three years, we will remind, more than 300 banks have collapsed and lost their licenses, while the rest of the state had to spend 3.2 trillion rubles.

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