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The budget for love

Бюджет на любовь

Over the past two years, smart strategists, all of us showed clearly that nothing depends on us.

We have shown that any cannibalistic decision correctly because it is not popular among the population. That is popular, it is “populism”. The population must be bad. So we will win.

Say: once people are not protesting in the squares, it is in accordance with all. If protested, would say that this Maidan. Because here everything is simple: protest — Maidan stand — I agree and support.

Okay. But at least you would be glad that no one is going anywhere. That your taxes you pay. That people continue to be within your, to put it mildly, sometimes unexpected laws.

But it does not turbolento. It is not enough. They need people to not just tolerated, but warmly approved of. Well, as before. Supported. Loved.

Why are you not going to root for the athletes under a neutral flag? Marsh to root.

Why are you not asking to increase the retirement age to 70 years? Familiar Zhurova please. And you? Have to ask.

In this respect, turboloader also coincided with the liberals.

I think Chubais’t care what they write and say? What Vaska listens, Yes eats? Oh no how. Of course he eats, but he was hurt. Yes, the man has it all. White top, black bottom. Black top, white bottom. Money storm, responsibility zero.

But the people’s love is not. Worship. He is constantly talking about it. Saved the country, and the country is ungrateful.

The little rapist rape. “A kiss?”

The victim has everything to be still and be grateful. Without this, billions have something real. As a Chinese Christmas decorations.

The old woman, in General, still wants to be the mistress of the sea.

However, emotions are not amenable to orders. You can adjust financial flows. To regulate emotions is more difficult. Should be able to.

Seems that there is, in aparece, methodologist Kiriyenko political stomping foot: we get the budget love is highlighted, explain what we do not like? Should love!

Alas, alas. Wilted tomatoes. Settle for taxes.

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