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The brutal murder in Kiev: new details

Жестокое убийство в Киеве: новые подробностиThe man killed a neighbor because he was loudly celebrating a birthday.

In Kiev in the private sector on the street Gomel 46-year-old man killed 29-year-old neighbor, with whom they rented rooms in a private house for the fact that he was loudly celebrating a birthday.

As reported on the website of the police of Kiev, the victim was celebrating with his buddies in the apartment was playing loud music and could hear the noise.

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46-year-old man, who did not like the sounds of the noisy feast, decided to stop making the remark. First, he tried to calm his comrades words, but then started a fight and in the midst of conflict, grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim in the chest.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under article 115 (Premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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Video from the scene of the murder starts at 1 min 26 seconds.

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