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The biggest snake in the world. Photo

Самые большие змеи в мире. ФотоUnlikely meeting with these monsters will bring someone into ecstasy.

People can be tall or short, thin or thick, but we never appreciate our bodies.

This may explain why long creatures always attract our eyes. And in any discussion about long animals is undeniable leaders: snakes. Here are some of the largest reptiles.

Black Mamba

Length: 4.5 meters
One bite from a black Mamba is enough to knock out a Buffalo. The man has almost no chance to survive the poison too quickly spreads throughout the body. On top of that this snake is incredibly fast and is capable to develop up to 19 km/h on flat terrain.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото


Length: 4 meters
The film turned boa into a dangerous creature, capable of growing to incredible sizes. In reality, the length of an ordinary Python does not exceed four meters and it feeds on small mammals and birds.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото

King Cobra

Length: 5.6 meters
And it is the largest from the group of poisonous snakes. The average length of king Cobra is about 4 meters, the record had reached five and a half meters.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото

Indian Python

Length: 6 meters
Externally, the Indian Python is very similar to the Burmese: it is even called bright tiger Python. Indian different color patches of reddish stripes on the sides of the torso.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото

Burmese Python

Length: 9,15 metres
Burmese, or dark tiger Python is able to grow to 9.15 metres — this was captured by zoologists in Cuba. However, the most common length of this species does not exceed five meters.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото

Giant Anaconda

Length: 11,43 meters
Currently the longest Anaconda in the world is the snake, which was donated to the new York Zoological society. Nine meters and one hundred and thirty pounds — a dangerous combination of parameters. But a few years earlier, farmers in Colombia have stumbled upon an even larger instance: they caught the Anaconda reached almost twelve feet in length.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото

Reticulated Python

Length: 12.2 meters
The longest snake in the world. Often in nature there are instances in 7-7,5 meters, but in one of the zoos in Australia long lived record, Python Dave, grew right up to 12.2 metres.

Самые большие змеи в мире. Фото

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