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The best SUV of World war II. Photo

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. ФотоThe second world war was the largest armed conflict in human history.

This war was thousands of weapons. However, thinking about tanks and airplanes, people often forget that wars are won not only by them but also the most “normal” cars, including a powerful, reliable SUV that was used to perform a variety of tasks. So today it will be the most reliable “workhorse” of that terrible time.

1. Willys MB - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. Фото

You should start of course with the “legends of legends”, us universal SUV terrain. The machine has a very complex and rich history. Serial production began in 1941, but was given to the producers, this right is not easy. To produce the Willys MB on the market, many didn’t. With all this, the car was so successful that his troops left all the anti-Hitler coalition allies. Only the Soviet Union was delivered during the war, 52 thousand Willys MB. After 1945 wave repeatedly upgraded and refined, making it the “grandfather” of many military SUVs.

2. GAZ-61

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. Фото

Reliable staff car of Soviet production. Can safely be considered a crossover SUV, as the car was designed with the expectation of increased permeability. Originally created for the highest leadership of the red Army. The car is very fond of such notorious figures as Konstantin Rokossovsky, Ivan Stepanovich Konev, and of course Georgy Zhukov. National love machine has gained for its low cost, high reliability, excellent performance and ease of use.

3. Volkswagen Tour 82

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. Фото

Passenger car of the raised passableness, which was used in the war on the other side of the trenches. The machine, admittedly, turned out excellent. In many respects exceeded, both Soviet and American analogies. The result of this glory was natural. And the red Army soldiers and fighters of the allied troops tried to capture the Volkswagen Tour 82 as a trophy.

4. Dodge WC-51

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. Фото

Another “American” worthy of attention. Knew him in all the allied troops. He also told hot Africa, Normandy and the wet and cold Eastern front. Machine this full 2315-pound SUV that can carry as the crowd of soldiers and supplies. The strength left to drag the artillery. Cope a vehicle with any off-road, as well as qualitatively different incredible stamina and simplicity of operation.

5. GAZ-64

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. Фото

One glance at the GAZ-64, to understand that the father of the Soviet SUV was an American Willys MB. The car was also AWD and today is the first real Soviet military SUV. The machine can perform a variety of tasks, including the command to carry or pull tools. The soldiers called the car a “goat”. Curiously, rode in it, as a rule, too, they, not senior officers.

6. Horch 901 type 40

Лучшие внедорожники времен Второй Мировой. Фото

And another car that was used by the German soldiers are invading. The machine is also created with the claim for increased flotation. With the tasks did not always as it should from what and as a trophy of the allies to take the Horch 901 type 40 in no hurry. The problem was not so much the actual characteristics of the machine, but in the fact that it was too delicate out of the apparatus as a consequence of breaking the first “successful” case.

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