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The Baltic States opened for US the way to the Kremlin

Прибалты открыли для США дорогу на Кремль

The Minister of transport and communications of Lithuania Rokas Masiulis said in Washington on the preparation of the Baltic countries and the United States to war with Russia. It looked like this: Lithuanian guest praised a joint project of the railway track of the European standard Baltic Rail Baltica and talked about its military nature.

“Strategic project of Rail Baltica will contribute to the harmonious movement of military cargo throughout the region, and Lithuania is ready to provide full support to the military of NATO, to provide a well-developed multimodal transportation system and secure infrastructure”, — said Rokas Masiulis.

In the US, he met with representatives of the Department for transport, talked about the benefits of economic cooperation, promised to supply America’s system of rail, sea, road and air transport modes to access the markets of the Baltic sea region, EU, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, discussed a hypothetical investment in the Klaipeda seaport. But journalists paid special attention still on the phrase of the railway Rail Baltica, uttered in Washington. And here’s why.

Because after that everything became crystal clear. The idea of the road not cover economic interests. The project Rail Baltica length of 730 km and a cost of 6 billion euros, which by 2026 should connect the Baltic countries, Poland and Western Europe for a long time was fed to the press just as cost-effective. Perhaps such road is planned. But at first, its construction would spend three times less. Then the project began to grow, and its true military essence slowly crept out from the shadows in the media.

However, the Kremlin knew about it and so. Last year, the Ambassador of Russia in Latvia Evgenie Lukjanov bluntly said: “For us it was never a secret that Rail Baltica is primarily military-structural design”. Maybe it was the result of the analysis, and can be, and intelligence. And now the intelligence is not necessary — it all went in the open. The Ambassador recalled: “From the time of the Russian Empire local track different from the track in Europe. Therefore, in order to move the pair with the cars that will carry the tanks to be protected from aggressive Russia, it takes more time than just pass these cars on the corresponding track. That is, the tanks will come to you faster.”

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However, the Ambassador was poironizirovat, noticing that the heavy tanks of NATO, delivered to Latvia get stuck in local bogs. Such a diplomatic reception, trolling to the public. But nothing funny is actually there. Preparations for the real war. Everything is transparent so that the Lithuanian Minister openly speaks about it actually. And not just anywhere, but exactly where are born and strategic military plans against Russia.

Apparently, the road Rail Baltica occupies such a significant place in the strategic plans of NATO or rather US, it seems, to the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid gathering on April 18 in Moscow, the squad sent the President of Latvia Raymond Vejonis, in order not messed up in the railway project for NATO.

Kaljulaid suddenly, Baltic and American colleagues asked for a meeting with Vladimir Putin, saying that just wants to talk, to talk. Yeah, I think so at home immediately was criticized by local nationalists. And Raimonds Vejonis, to judge according to his press service, said Estonian President about the importance of continued close cooperation in the implementation of the project Rail Baltica. Vejonis expressed the hope that there will be barriers to implementation of decisions already taken for the timely implementation of this project.

Probably Baltic colleagues of the Estonian President and possibly Americans fear that Kaljulaid fall in Moscow under the spell of the President of Russia, will create problems in the implementation of the project Rail Baltica. That sent of the instructor. Vejonis after all, not just a President, he is the former Minister of defence of Latvia, dedicated to the secret plans of NATO. And Celluloid in Washington may perceive as a naive girl, ingenue, which Vladimir Putin wrapped around her finger. She became President of the Estonia accident. It is suspected that unlike the political heavyweights she is not capable of major intrigue. The President of Estonia is elected by the Parliament. In 2016, those heavyweights are so caught in their own intrigues that they were unable to agree on who should occupy the highest post.

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And as a result of bureaucratic bowels pulled Kirsty, which at that time had no political experience and ambitions. By the time of the election in Parliament worked as a representative of Estonia in the European audit court, was involved in annual reports, then led the audit on agriculture, before an unexpected presidency headed educated at the Chancellery of the Estonian Parliament, the Council on monitoring development. And now here you are! A compromise figure, for anyone within Estonia is not dangerous.

But will her April 18 at the Kremlin, look at her Mr Putin, cast a magical look and phrase… and Here come kirdyk railway Rail Baltica, at least on the Estonian part. That NATO cannot allow.

Meanwhile, Russian military experts called Rail Baltica parallel dear, that is dear in the front line. And the claim that in a real modern war on it immediately will suffer a missile attack, the tanks will not have time to get to our border.

But this, I think Kesti Kaljulaid instructor from Latvia said.

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