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The author of “Maniac COP” stated that the remake is cancelled

Despite the fact that the new version of the horror film “Maniac COP” promised to be not pure horror, but rather action Thriller, some hope for the project was assigned. At least – due to the famous Creator of “Drive” and “the Neon demon” of Nicolas winding Refnprescribed in the project as a producer. And let about a remake for a long time nothing was heard, he until recently was listed as planned. Only now the writer of the original paintings, Larry Cohen, says quite different.

As far as I know, no movie. And if it is, then its probably off secretly because I owed $250,000.

The original horror story in a new way rethink ed Brubaker is at his work, Cohen also walked an asphalt roller:

Ed Brubaker wrote the script, I read it, and it turned out to be unsuccessful. Brubaker – very good writer of comics, but if he wrote a good script for the film, I did not read it.

However, the blame for the failure of the remake of Larry put it on Refn:

As far as I know, he was trying to raise money to create the film, and he failed. So the movie and never will. And if it is, I would like to pay me – or I’ll call my lawyer and we got the project themselves.

Here are the Hollywood showdown. Apparently, the maniac COP is still a lot of years on the shelf before in his life, take someone else, more focused and more compliant.

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