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The artist has created a GLOWING poster “Kaleidoscope of horrors”

10 Nov 1982 world premiere of the horror anthology “Kaleidoscope of horrors” (Creepshow). This means that the film recently celebrated its 35th anniversary! The anniversary of my paintings the artist Stephen Halliday (Steven Holliday) has created a very original new version of the classic old poster.

Sam Halliday says:

The death of George Romero this year was for me a big blow. Most know him as the godfather of the zombie genre, but he’s also responsible for the favorite movie of my childhood. In 1982, Romero collaborated with writer Stephen king and the master of special makeup, Tom Savini, creating a film called “Kaleidoscope of horrors”.
It was easy for me to be inspired by the original posters, created by Joanne Daley (“Kaleidoscope of horrors”) and winters (“the Kaleidoscope of horrors 2”). As a kid I first saw how they depicted huge cinephile Death on the covers of VHS cassettes sold in salons and gas stations when my family was on vacation in a small “kingovskoy” town of Alpena, Michigan. It was in 90-e years, and thanks to that I became a fan of horror, which remain to this day.

Specifics of what made Halliday, is to use a phosphorescent ink. So his versions of posters “Kaleidoscope of horrors” naturally able to put the fear – if you see them in the dark.

“Glowing” posters in action:

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