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The analyst explained why Lukashenka will not give up Ukraine to Putin

Политолог объяснил, почему Лукашенко не сдаст Украину ПутинуBelarus is interested in good relations with Ukraine, said paly.

Political analyst Oleksandr Paliy said that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko needs Ukraine in order to build on it, showing thus Russia that he is sovereign and the world — that is able to carry out a policy, regardless of Russia, a politician fighting for survival — his own and his country.

This he said, commenting on the visit of the Belarusian leader to Ukraine.

According to the political scientist, the head of state “seeks to demonstrate to Moscow that in case of any encroachments or statements against him, he can rely on to Kiev.”

“Ukraine needs Belarus and important because we are interested in the independence of the state of a neighbor. Perhaps, the Kiev — second, those most interested in it, after the Belarusians themselves. It is important for Ukraine that Belarus was not used for aggression from Russia, and that its territory was not established Russian military bases”, — the expert added.

At the same time “is preparing for joint exercises of Belarus and Russia “West-2017″, after which Russia may leave the territory of Belarus some military base or even attacking the Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, without even asking the consent of Lukashenko.”

All can be, because Russian President Vladimir Putin “realized by means of Donbass fails to destabilize Ukraine”. “He may want to achieve the destabilization from the other side. However, it will cost him quite dearly and will end with the collapse of Russia”, — said paly.

“He plays in another small victorious war, like the one that Russia carried out before the First world war, before the Russian-Japanese war. You know, how it ended,” said the analyst.

Paly added that key talks between Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko and Lukashenko devoted to security issues, this is a key moment last “is trying to convince Ukraine that Belarus will not become a source of destabilization and a springboard for attacks on Ukraine.”

“We understand, however, that while Belarus is holding us back, first of all, the interest of Lukashenko. But, on the other hand, if Russia decide to attack Ukraine from the Belarusian territory, Lukashenko to ask anybody especially will not” — said the source.

“Lukashenko in Kiev had a very solemn and warm welcome, first of all, because Ukraine is interested in good relations with Belarus, its independence. It is near to the Ukrainian people. And the independence of Belarus is a strategic interest of Ukraine. Of course, seeing such footage, the Kremlin will start to get nervous. But the Kremlin was constantly nervous because of Lukashenko,” he says.

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