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The American expert said that promises for Ukraine, the visit of the Minister of war

Американский эксперт рассказал, что сулит для Украины визит военного министраFormer militant expressed his critical opinion.

The visit of U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis to Kiev during the celebration of independence Day of Ukraine is a signal to Moscow that the United States will no longer rely on its European allies to negotiate with Russia and to compel it to abandon military aggression against Ukraine.

This was announced by former U.S. air force pilot and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Nolan Peterson.

Peterson noted that this is the fourth independence Day of Ukraine, which the country meets in the state of war with Russia, even 26 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine is still paying in blood for their independence.

The war in Ukraine is not a civil conflict. This is not, and never was. It is a war against the Russian invasion of Ukraine
– noted ex-military.

He added that the US support in any form – through diplomatic gestures, or arms – is an important signal to the Ukrainian military.

Visit Mattis in Kyiv symbolizes, first of all, the fact that the US gradually raise rates to support Ukraine in the war with Russia,
noted Peterson.

American also noted that the war in the Donbass Ukraine has significantly changed. According to him, before the war in Ukraine there was a kind of taboo in the military. Many believed that the army is only for those who have no education or any prospects.

“But on Thursday (August 24 -” 24 “on the Khreshchatyk, the Ukrainian joined the newfound patriotism in the face of military aggression of Russia”, – he added.

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