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The act of isolation of Runet signed

The law of sovereign Runet has passed all stages of testing and improvements and today got the most important signature, after which its abolition, in fact, it impossible to cancel. Disconnecting Russia from the Internet can happen in less than six months.

The entry of the law into force will take place on November 1, 2019, and a number of its provisions will take effect from 2021. If the whole bill was created to protect the Runet from cyber attacks from outside, but in fact it can lead to complete unavailability of all foreign resources including Google, YouTube, Facebook and all messengers.

Note that in Russia at this stage, there are no available alternatives to these services, because it’s clear that Vimeo will not replace YouTube, ICQ will not replace the Telegram, and “Classmates” will not be able to compete with Facebook. The situation will surely change over time, but those whose work is connected with a Global network, it is necessary to find other means of income. We also add that the management of the Runet after the law came into force will be transferred to Roskomnadzor, with a light hand which is blocked in Russia tens and hundreds of in-demand resources.

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