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Thanks VTsIOM Figures

Благодарность ВЦИОМу

I am very grateful to VTsIOM figures and G. Fedorov. Five years I, proving that in authoritarian States public opinion poll does not work as an indicator of public sentiment.

That the publication of the results of the survey were promotional in nature (“the sociological units of information troops” — as I call it). What is being done is for the establishment and strengthening of learned helplessness. The procedure is completely opaque. Which, of course, to try to track trends — sometimes the topic is not quite related, but only some. “Naukowej” (or simply belief in a Higher Truth procedures, which are described in pseudo-scientific terms) is a form of obscurantism.

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It’s much easier just to look out the window: here are a couple in the Park, that’s neighbor with a dog walk, and no one, no portraits of Stalin, no t-shirts with you Know Who, or even tapes of certain colors…

And here I am saying all this to say… Looking for materials, looking for arguments like-minded people. Somebody listens. Someone objects: “Well, it’s science.” (And I, presumably, obscurantist, anti-scientific). Third — fortunately, they are in the minority — enjoy learned helplessness, creating “a sect of them. 86%”.

And I’m ready to talk about it for another five years. And if need be, and ten. But here is the poll. And holds a double poll. With half grown-up rating. With some priotkryvaya doors in the kitchen — how it was achieved.

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They all explained. And about the “Noko”, and about “Nochnye methods”, and about what all this is sociology. Well, to whom still did not come — I’m not guilty. And G. Fedorov, VTsIOM’s not your fault. Never came, alas. But everyone else explained everything! The session of black magic with the subsequent exposure.

How am I then not to test a sincere gratitude to the VTsIOM figures?!

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