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Terrible guest (SCARY STORY)

This movie (“the Queen of spades: Black rite”, 2015) I waited with some special look, perhaps because he in my early childhood I experienced, not invented, and quite real meeting with this entity. And say, perhaps, it was even scarier than in the movie.

In General, the history of this image is rooted not in the nineteenth century as in the film, and much deeper in the dark depths of history. From age to age transmitted the legend of the scary black woman coming out of mirrors to take revenge and to destroy the human race, and by birth she is either Princess or Queen is not a simple blood.

In 1983-m to year, at the age of nine I was in the hospital, and I was lying in the ward boy a little older than me. He was very serious and that is a terrific storyteller. Right I don’t know where it is, twelve years old, was such a gift. By the way, his story about teenagers who discovered in an abandoned factory in the crossroads of worlds and met with the guardian of the crossroads, much later formed the basis of my science fiction novel “the Secret battle”. It is with tremendous seriousness told about the terrible mirror the woman coming at the call, usually teenagers. Soon the boy was discharged, and all we’d forgotten about these stories, if a month later they got its terrible sequel.

A month later, two boys and a girl, apparently out of boredom, and it was Saturday, and for some reason completely absent medical staff, locked in a dark room, taking the mirror and something else, with the intention of producing the very Queen of spades. The rest, including me, were waiting for the result outside the door. A minute later there was a terrible scream from the house and jumped the girl with the crimson trace on the neck. She was a major case of the jitters, she gaped, but had nothing to say. To simulate this was absolutely impossible. The boys jumped after her, was not in the best condition: they were numb just like a girl. Ran on call nurse took the girl, the more we’ve never seen her. About a week the boys were talking, they were psychiatrists, they are accompanied to the toilet, darkness was brought upon them the horror.

When it came back the gift of speech, they talked about that at the time of the call of the spirit of the mirror went out the essence in a female form, so terrible that the film, which it is, pales before what they saw. A terrible old woman with the huge eyes-saucers, and stretched forward almost crocodile snout, although children in the dark could be anything. The creature began to choke the girl, but the boy reacted in time and managed to turn on the lights – then she disappeared.

That’s the story. As for the movie… after watching it the first time, I categorically do not accept. First, it seemed to me that everything, absolutely everything deeply again. All of this has been in two parts of “Women in black”, for example, or in Japanese cinema. But now, what the film world does not take in the horror genre, certainly appears the Ghost of an angry woman or girl. But still, something was hooked, the same as in the first film Podrevskogo “ownership of 18”. Revising it three times, I realized that it’s not so bad and our horror movie now let the timid, but hope. At least it is visible that the budget of the movie is not blockbuster, but the Director assigned it correctly. Not tinsel effects engages the viewer this film, but, like the best films of the nineties, something, family, a special mythology. There are, of course, it has serious shortcomings (for example, a Ghost girl attacks directly, but we don’t even show her reaction), and such moments are many, but let’s not be too picky, the genre timidly, but growing.

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