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Terrible day in 1986

Страшный Первомай в 1986 году

33 years ago, on 26 April 1986 happened to be the biggest environmental disaster on Earth — the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station named after Lenin. I visited four times in the Chernobyl exclusion Zone and wrote a lot about Chernobyl in his blog, so I won’t go into the details of the accident (who are interested — read the materials on the tag “Chernobyl”), just recall briefly what happened — as a result of nobody needs dangerous experiments “to test the idle run of the turbine rotor of generator”, and also as a result of unexpected, not described in the technical documentation of the shortcomings of the RBMK reactors (the end effect of the graphite rods, etc.) on the night of 26 April 1986 at the Fourth unit of Chernobyl was a massive explosion.

The explosion of multi-ton concrete lid of the reactor (later called liquidators “Elena”) soared into the air and struck the roof of the reactor hall, and then fell back — standing on the side in the reactor shaft. One of the first this picture was seen by interns Kudryavtsev and Proskuryakov — they that night worked in the control room of the Fourth unit, and caught the remains of the reactor hall, saw firsthand what happened — the cover was lying on her side, she hung the noodles damaged Fuel rods, and from the crater of the destroyed reactor, Saiva as in chimney pipe, was a blue and red fire with the activity of thirty thousand x-rays.

The next morning, this picture was seen by the helicopter — making several sorties in the area of the Fourth block, they confirmed that the reactor was completely destroyed and chadit in the sky with radioactive smoke. However, the Soviet government decided not to tell anybody — newspaper limited itself to note that “Chernobyl was a small accident” and drove people to the streets to rehearse the may day demonstration.

So in today’s post – the story of may Day in 1986. Make sure you check out the article below, it is interesting. Well, friends to add do not forget)

May day demonstration in 1986 took place in normal mode — no one in the government not even attempted to protect people from radiation these days. If in Minsk, the background was only slightly above normal, in Kiev, located just a hundred kilometers from Chernobyl, was also breath-taking — the houses on the Northern outskirts of the city on the windowsills, looked in the direction of the station, you can numerate 2, 3 and even 5 milliroentgen per hour. Aggravated the situation and trucks, which in the first days after the accident, rode in Chernobyl/Chernobyl on ordinary roads, carrying highly radioactive dust.

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Photo — post office building on Khreshchatyk, may day 1986:

Страшный Первомай в 1986 году

In the first days after the accident in Ukraine was dominated by North-West wind, the radioactive clouds were blown away in Belarus, but just before the first of may, the wind direction changed and the radioactive cloud went straight to Kiev. In some places in the city dosimeters were literally off the scale, and the radiation level on the Khreshchatyk exceeded the norm by a hundred times later, in 1988, a decision will be made re-plastered all the buildings on the Khreshchatyk — the radionuclide is tightly absorbed in the walls of houses and didn’t want to slip away with specific compositions.

On photo — people carry portraits of party officials and the founders of “Marxism-Leninism”:

Страшный Первомай в 1986 году

May 1, 1986, the people of Kiev knew about all this, and knew much more than was shown on Soviet television on April 27 was evacuated Pripyatand Kiev began to appear of its former inhabitants, telling scary stories about extinct fifty thousand the city of nuclear scientists with radiation in the streets of 1 R/hour. With all this, the Soviet government decided not to cancel the parade — on the contrary, the failure was regarded as “inciting a panic” and was punished by dismissal from work and expulsion from the party.

Some Kiev officials still tried to save the situation from each district to the parade driven by 2,000 people instead of the usual 4-5 thousand, mostly young people. Revealing the incident before the parade from the street Gorodetsky suddenly flew out of the car of Vladimir Shcherbitsky, the First Secretary of the Communist party of Ukraine Shcherbitsky flew on Khreshchatyk and excitedly told officials about his conversation with Gorbachev, “I say to him — here it is impossible to hold parades, Khreshchatyk is the pit, here accumulated radiation. And he says to me — “try not to spend, I’ll rot”.

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In the photo — the inhabitants of Kiev on Khreschatyk street, district Passage. May day 1986:

Страшный Первомай в 1986 году

The rest of the spring and summer of 1986 in Kiev was terrible — it was hot the radiation background exceeded the norm on average a hundred times, the city was empty and there were virtually no children — all tried to put their children anywhere, sending them to various relatives and friends. Crowds of people stormed the railroad station on the Kiev station and ticket office at Boryspil airport. Despite the “prohibition”, the city was sold by the glass red wine mistakenly believed that red wine helps to remove radiation.

Mikhail Gorbachev made an official appeal about the Chernobyl disaster only may 14, 1986, in the best Soviet traditions zawawi that “the worst has managed to prevent”. They say that everything is under control and so on.

Страшный Первомай в 1986 году

Well what can I say? The Chernobyl accident and everything that happened after it showed an absolute sham and the unsustainability of the system under the name “the USSR”. All these workouts, races in gas masks and military-Patriotic game was the usual window dressing — when the trouble happened, the whole system sat like typing in the mouth water and waited for orders from above. But it was enough to take the most simple measures is to give people iodine-containing drugs (or just to talk about how they can be made of conventional iodine), to talk about the danger of radioactive dust, cancel Mayday in Kiev — this would help to reduce several times the number of victims of the accident.

But nothing that was not done…

Write in the comments what you think about it.

Remember the events of may 1, 1986?

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