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Ten of the most peaceful cities in the whole world. Photo

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. ФотоThe most peaceful country is Germany.

In today’s crazy world where the iPhone is constantly updated, airlines sell more tickets than seats on the aircraft, and the news is forced to turn gray earlier than it is possible to earn a pension, it is very important to know where don’t know about the word “stress”.

Travel will always be a nervous thing for some, but different event, such as a quiet lunch, bathing in the forest and even therapy with pigs or miniature horses at airports to help travelers relax. Even the travel is not a problem if you already live in a place where others plan a dream vacation.

According to the latest Global rating of Least & Most Stressful Cities from London Zipjet the most stress free country is Germany, as the German city occupy the top positions of the ranking of the cities where they forgot about the word “stress”.

Researchers for the ranking considered such factors as wages, unemployment, traffic, mental health problems, the number of green areas, the level of thefts and killings, and the percentage of Sunny hours against 150 cities around the world.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Sydney — Australia’s largest city. The city of Sydney is famous for its Opera house, the bridge “harbour bridge” and its beaches. Large residential areas of Sydney surrounded by national parks. Shoreline (as an external “sea”, and local) is extremely indented. It is replete with numerous bays, coves, Islands and beaches. Sydney is one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world that is caused by the fact that the city is the primary residence of immigrants arriving for permanent residence in Australia.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


It is the second largest city in Germany (after Berlin), the seventh largest in the European Union and the most populated non-capital city in the European Union. Hamburg, one of the largest port cities in Europe, is located at the confluence of the river Elbe in the North sea. Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, the second largest in Europe and in the world occupies the 9th place. Hamburg is an important location of the civil aerospace industry. The city presents two companies is EADS and Airbus, which has an Assembly plant in Hamburg, the plant employs more than 13 thousand people. Hamburg — the center of engineering, light and printing industry. Located in the city of the famous publishing house press: “der Spiegel” and “stern”. The city is also located the headquarters of the largest in Europe concern mail-order trade “Otto”.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Edinburgh is one of the most prosperous economic regions of the UK. The most developed sector of the economy of Edinburgh is the service sector, namely tourism, banking, education and the development of high technology. In addition, a significant contribution to the economy of the city brings business tourism, as well as holding various meetings at the world level, scientific and diplomatic conferences, sporting events and Championships, musical and theatrical festivals. The city takes 2nd place for quality of health care, and 3-e a place among the least polluted cities in the world.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Graz is the second largest city in Austria located in the South-East of the country. The population is only 270 thousand inhabitants, while the economy is brewing, engineering, chemical, food and textile industry. In addition, it hosts the international fair, which is considered an important commercial and industrial event in South-Eastern Europe. Also, in a lot of students due to the four universities. The total number of students reaches 55 thousand General relaxed atmosphere combined with high standard of living make Graz one of those cities where residents are rare with stress. Unless of course they are not students during the session.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


The population of Munich — 1 542 886. Thus, it is the largest city in Bavaria and the third, after Berlin and Hamburg, a city of Germany. Munich is the Bavarian government, the government of the district of Upper Bavaria and Munich’s government of the city district. Munich is famous for its brewing traditions. The city has six major Breweries that supply the beer world-famous Oktoberfest — beer festival, pretzels, roasted chickens and roundabouts, which takes place annually in late September-early October on the Theresienwiese. Modern Munich is not only the centrality of cultural and Museum values, but also a major industrial and research center.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Bern is the Federal city, the actual capital of Switzerland. Bern is the political center of Switzerland, which houses the government, Parliament and Central Bank. The location of the headquarters of the universal postal Union and the Swiss Railways. Here, the development of agriculture and traditional crafts. It has a very low unemployment rate of only 3.3%. So Bern is one of the best cities to live, which attracts many talented people from around the world.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in Europe with higher living standards. In Luxembourg city are many organizations of the EU. The basis of the economy is primarily developed services sector, including in the financial area. Almost all of the energy consumed in Luxembourg is imported, including oil, natural gas, coal. Banking and financial services became the main economic activity. Thanks to favorable conditions and the offshore zone in the capital are about 1 thousand investment funds and over 200 banks, more than any other city in the world. Luxembourg traditionally ranks high among the happiest and healthiest countries. GDP per capita in this country plays a leading role in the determination of the country in such rankings. The figure in Luxembourg – $101 936, according to him, the country occupies the 2nd place in the world.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Hanover is the main city of Lower Saxony with a population of about 515 thousand. There are annual industrial fair, the largest of which are the Hannover Messe and CeBIT. Hannover has a reputation as a boring city, so it is not surprising that people are rarely faced with stress. In addition, there are horses, which apparently also reduces overall stress level. Almost half of the city territory is occupied by parks, forests and ponds, a large number of attractions makes the city quite popular among tourists.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Bordeaux – the centre of the historical region of Aquitaine and the modern Department of Gironde, the city on the South-West of France. The population is about 285 thousand. While there is a large number of suburbs, so the agglomeration reaches 750 thousand people, making Bordeaux the fifth largest city in France. The climate here is transitional from temperate Maritime to Mediterranean. Due to this, the people of Bordeaux live in mild and warm winter, but Sunny and moderately hot summer. Also Bordeaux is the world wine capital, in close proximity to major wineries. The city annually receives about 2.5 million tourists, being including the important port center of France and the industrial city.

Десять самых спокойных в мире городов. Фото


Stuttgart – one of the largest industrial centers of the country. Here is a very high level of employment and economic situation is estimated as favorable. Despite the fact that this city holds only the 6th place among the largest cities in the country, Stuttgart is a leader in the country for export, mainly associated with major industrial companies. Among companies with headquarters or representative offices are located in Stuttgart, you can select a Porsche, Daimler, IBM, Bosch and Hewlett-Packard. In addition, analysts 2thinknow noted that the city occupies the 5th place in the number of patents issued, among all the cities covered in the study.

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