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Ten best ways to ensure cyber security

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасностьThe actual problem nowadays.

Until recently it was believed that in order to feel secure (home or office), it is sufficient to set the alarm, lock the door and not to trust strangers. But since then, both in people’s lives has become prevalent online sector, the situation has changed. Today large corporations and owners of small and medium businesses and ordinary users threatened by cyber-criminals, so do not be amiss to take preventive steps and precautions.

1. To properly create passwords

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

Regardless of whether one is in online business or just maintain a website of the company, having a secure password is one of the fundamental principles of data security. The password is “1234” hacked in less than a second. A strong password should be long, contain uppercase letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation. You also need to regularly change their passwords and, of course, not to pass them on to others.

2. Check websites

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

As a regular computer, vulnerable sites can be infected with malware. A sign that the website is infected, it is slow loading, the appearance of extra advertising or redirection to another site. We recommend that you regularly check your website to identify weak points that can use hackers.

3. To use the SSL certificate

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

If a person has an ecommerce website or website that collects personal information, it will need a SSL certificate, so users know that they can trust this site. Without SSL encryption, data can be intercepted by third parties. Most services of web hosting offer packages that include SSL.

4. Update your web server

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

It is important to update and correct not only apps, but also the server and website. You should also upgrade your content management system such as WordPress and e-Commerce platform. Usually, about this come the regular notifications, but it is advisable to contact the hosting provider to check that all software is regularly updated.

5. Install malware protection

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

It should be taken for granted. The installation of the malware (or malicious software) is of paramount importance and should be one of the first things to do when buying a new computer. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware.

Can get on the computer from e-mail, downloadable software, pictures, and videos. It is best to run a periodic check of viruses, as each may encounter malware. Fortunately, there are plenty of free antivirus tools, such as Comodo and Avast, which will ensure the security of the entire system.

6. To backup data

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

Hardware, operating systems and applications — things are constantly changing. If they are lost or damaged, they can always be replaced. But data is another story. The data are perhaps the most important aspect of the business.

These can range from customer information to account. It is very important that the data can always be restored in case of hardware failure or cyber attack. This can be done manually via external hard drives or via cloud services. It is always recommended to make multiple backups.

7. Do not leave the device unattended

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

You should never ignore any phones, tablets, laptops or other devices. Thus any attacker can very easily get all data from these devices. You should always disable devices that are not used, leave web account, block your mobile device and turn off the computer before leaving. Also, you should always lock office doors when exiting.

8. To remember about mobile threats

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become companions of every human being. And although they are obviously useful and necessary, they are also a real “goldmine” of information for criminals. Data from the phone you can get with malware as easily as any computer or web site.

Once the mobile device will be infected, they can be used to steal data over the mobile network or any connected Wi-Fi network. You should invest in mobile antivirus software such as Avira or Kaspersky to not start malware.

9. Beware of phishing attacks

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

Phishing scams aren’t new, but it is worth to remember about it. Every day more than 150 million phishing emails. These emails are designed to force the user to “share” personal information, ” and ” every day is a “bite” more than 80,000 people. The next time the lawyer twice removed uncle asks for Bank details to Deposit them in the will, should be careful.

10. Timely train employees

Десять надежных способов обеспечить кибербезопасность

The staff is another security risk, so if the company comes a new man, make sure he’s trained, at least basic online security. The security business is the responsibility of each person working in the company.

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