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Television “the Dark tower” can still be erected

The project series “the Dark tower” by Stephen king again showing signs of life.

We will remind, in 2010 it was announced that a film adaptation of a literary cycle will have a very unusual structure: three feature films, and in between two seasons of the television series. And if the cinematic “the Dark tower” with difficulty, but still rising, inexorably approaching its premiere this summer, her TV sister for a long time seemed to be abandoned. In recent times about the project we heard last year, when screenwriter and producer Akiva Goldsman told a little about the plot of the show. And since then, silence.

Now to the answer called producer Ron Howard, and what he was able to tell:

“The dark tower” comes out this summer. It’s a terrific movie, directed by Nicholas Arsel and we are working towards the television component.

That is, no specifics. No agreements with TV channels or streaming services, but still have the desire to develop this part of a bigger plan. Good, now drama sci-Fi and fantasy serials are on the rise. And then there’s “Game of thrones” ends, as it were.

It doesn’t have to be in the TV segment, but in theory, it could work very well hand in hand with what we wanted to do in the movies.

In short, it seems that it all depends on the success of the film. Shoot the film, will show. Shot both of us a hefty a single will Kingofsanda on all screens, large and small.

Well, the premiere of “the Dark tower” into a movie scheduled for 4 August this year. Let’s hope that she will not elude us again, like invalid distant silhouette of a Man in black on a hot flat desert horizon.

The same desert that was the apotheosis of all deserts. Well, you understand.

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