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15 killed in Prague university shooting

A gunman killed 15 people and injured two dozen others in an attack at Charles University in Prague on Thursday, Czech police said. The attacker, identified as a student at the university, was “eliminated” at the scene. Police officers rushed to the university building at Jan Palach Square in central …

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Survey reveals ‘worst’ US university for free speech

The oldest institution of higher learning in the US is also the worst when it comes to freedom of speech, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) survey released this week.  The rankings showed Harvard University at zero, with the cumulative score actually standing at negative 10.69, …

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University removes Jane Austen from literature course – media

The UK’s Stirling University has reportedly removed works of iconic British novelist Jane Austin in a bid to “contribute to increased diversity” of the English module. The college will replace the author of classic bestselling romance novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with African-American Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, according to a Telegraph …

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Black student & ex-KKK member get same honors at US university

The University of Alabama has renamed Graves Hall – named after former Ku Klux Klan member and state Governor Bibb Graves – Lucy-Graves Hall, after the first African American student to attend the university.  The hall was renamed on Thursday, on the 66th anniversary of Autherine Lucy Foster’s enrolment at …

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New details revealed about German university shooting suspect

A 23-year-old woman died from her injuries following a shooting attack at the Heidelberg University, Mannheim’s police chief Siegfried Kollmar said at a press conference in the wake of the Monday attack. Three more people – all of them students – were injured in the incident. The gunman was only …

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University finds novel 1984 ‘offensive and upsetting’

The University of Northampton has issued a harsh warning over potentially “offensive and upsetting” material contained in the famous dystopia by George Orwell, ‘1984.’ The novel, which describes the dangers of totalitarian rule and censorship, is now red-flagged, as it addresses “challenging issues related to violence, gender, sexuality, class, race, …

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Harvard professor convicted over China & Wuhan university ties

62-year-old Professor Charles Lieber was found guilty on Tuesday of making false statements to authorities, failing to disclose a Chinese bank account, and tax evasion in connection to his side role as a strategic scientist at China’s Wuhan Institute of Technology. Lieber also aided China’s Thousand Talent’s Plan, which recruits …

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University could hire professors on ‘woke score’ – media

The proposals are aimed at raising the number of hires from ethnic minority backgrounds, according to The Telegraph, which reviewed the task force’s consultation document. The equality panel reportedly noted that it was “important to embed EDI [equality, diversity and inclusion]” into “all recruitment.” A “centrally funded pool of trained …

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