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The enemy of nail fungus: causes and treatment

Fungal diseases are the most common ailments on earth. Fungus or nail mycosis is an infectious disease that you can catch from others. This disease usually affects men. To avoid this disease is necessary to monitor the purity of his body and to use only their stuff. The disease itself …

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Ten effective drinks for treatment of colds

Drinks proven over the years. Preparations, powders for colds, cheap cough drops at times can not be compared with the therapeutic effect of anti-inflammatory drinks from fever, cough and sore throat. 10 drinks for colds for simple but effective recipes. They are good for prevention. To avoid getting sick, prepare …

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Treatment of poisoning in the home: 5 ways

Gastric lavage is the main way to cure the poisoning. Symptoms of poisoning are familiar to many. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, intestinal disorder…How to help themselves and how to act at the first sign of poisoning? Following tips will help. 1. WaterAt the first sign of poisoning drink plenty of …

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Effective treatment of pancreatitis folk remedies

11 effective folk remedies for pancreatitis.Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. During exacerbation of the disease, can not do without the help of doctors, and the chronic form can turn to folk remedies. Experts told, what should be the treatment of pancreatitis with traditional methods. The main reason for …

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