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Indigestion: treatment of folk remedies

According to statistics, dyspepsia occurs in half the population. The term dyspepsia (indigestion) denote the number of symptom you may experience after eating, including discomfort, pain and heaviness in the upper abdomen. Causes of symptoms are eating in a hurry overeating, reaction to certain foods and stress. There are healing …

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Half of Ukrainians refusing treatment because of poverty

The Ministry of health highlight the need for serious reform in medicine. Every second patient in Ukraine refuses treatment or delaying it because of lack of funds, according to a study of charity in the framework of USAID project “(Imp)paid medicine”. Over project implementation during the year worked for the …

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The most unusual methods of treatment in modern medicine. Photo

Many believe in the benefits of these methods. “Coffin with music” This method is gaining popularity in the Chinese city of Shenyang (capital of Liaoning). To date, nearly a thousand people have already experienced the miraculous power… the “resurrection from the dead.” Survivors of stress or being extremely depressed, to …

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Effective folk remedy for the treatment of thyroid

Use the prescription from traditional healers.Thyroid gland is an organ in the shape of a butterfly and located at the base of the neck, bent at the height of the base of the throat. This organ produces thyroxine, a hormone responsible for metabolism and heart rate. Types of thyroid disorders.1. …

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The most pleasant method of treatment of depression

One of the most effective treatments for depression can be plain yogurt. Scientists have found that “good bacteria” in the intestines and has a beneficial effect on the brain. We already know that yogurt is good for digestion, clear skin and shining hair. Now research has shown that this treat …

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Five biggest myths about the common cold and its treatment

Pediatrician dispelled popular myths. Modern parents a lot of information about diseases and their treatment today are looking for online, and do not rush for help to the doctors. However, if this information is true? Pediatrician Yevgeny Tsyganov decided to dispel 5 common myths about SARS. Myth # 1 – …

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