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NASA found a similarity between Earth and Saturn

Scientists revealed that Titan are witnessing a unique phenomenon, which is similar to the earth. The researchers found that Titan’s hydrological cycle in which methane transforms from liquid to gas and back. This process is very similar to the water cycle on Earth. That is weather on Earth and Titan …

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Daughter Olga Sumy struck by the similarity with his star mom

Both Actresses look amazing.Tonya the Papernaya is often compared to her famous mother, Olga Sumy. First, she decided to pursue an acting dynasty, and, secondly, Antonina is very similar to his mother. Recently the similarity between mother and daughter became more evident, as aspiring actress dyed their hair in bright …

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Traffic police named the only similarity with the old GAI

New traffic patrol police will arrange ambushes in the bushes, as did the Cops. This was announced by Deputy head of patrol police Department of the National police Alexey Biloshitsky. “The notorious ambush in the bushes will not be there. The patrols are in patrol mode,” – said Biloshitsky. A …

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The photographer showed the similarity of relatives. Photo

The unique project of the canadian photographer. Canadian photographer Collette Ulrich (Ulric Collette) became interested in the resemblance of people. Deciding to draw a parallel between the older and younger generations, he has created a series of pictures in which he combined the faces of my family in a single …

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