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The climate-change religion: How long before human sacrifices?

History teaches us that some ancient civilisations killed their children to change the weather. They used to practice child sacrifice to appease their gods in an attempt to court their good graces. Those primitive peoples believed that through human sacrifice, the forces of nature could be coerced in their favour. …

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“Faith is an individual treasure. Religion — danger”

Compatible with liberalism and Christianity? Response to Patriarch Kirill On the eve of Patriarch Kirill after the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and other politicians took up the criticism of liberalism. “The modern so-called liberal idea, it is, in my opinion, just exhausted themselves completely,” — said the summer of …

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Religion in the modern state

Live from 16.06.2019 on the subject: Religion in the modern state. In addition to the participants ia the Icebreaker involved a military historian B. V. Yulin. Questions: 1:13:19 – is it possible within the framework of socialism to implement the idea of symbiosis of two philosophical doctrines of idealism and …

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